Automated Stamping Production Line for Efficient Metal Processing

The processing of metal parts is not only related to daily life, but also related to the needs of economic and social development. The application of full-automatic stamping production line in is helpful to improve the production efficiency of metal parts stamping processing . How to realize fully automatic machining of metal parts and what is the principle? This article mainly introduces the principle and application of full-automatic stamping production line in metal parts processing.

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Automatic Exchange And Feeding Device Used In Full-automatic Stamping Production Line

In the process of realizing automatic exchange and automatic feeding, the device mainly uses the method of separating the workpiece from the material to accurately transport the material to the designated location, so that the three-dimensional feeding system can gradually move the workpiece to the mold. In the process of stamping metal parts, the three-dimensional feeding system is mainly composed of two parts, namely, the automatic exchange device for double accumulation and the feeding device, which can realize the action in three directions. When one of the workpieces is used, the automatic replacement of the workpieces can be realized through the action of air cylinder or hydraulic cylinder, without manual operation.

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Precision Mechanical Press Used In Full-automatic Stamping Production Line

The data of processing technology and production process of metal parts can be entered into the system in advance, and the processing sequence and speed can be set according to the basic requirements of metal parts processing. The replacement of the workpiece material is controlled and coordinated by using the field bus, and the action between the replacement and the 3D manipulator feeding device is always consistent, so that the quality of each process can be effectively guaranteed during the processing of metal parts.

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Three-dimensional Manipulator Feeding Device Used In Full-automatic Stamping Production Line

Three-dimensional manipulator feeding device is a fully automatic feeding device. Its functions mainly include feeding, clamping and lifting. It can realize the movement in three directions: horizontal and vertical, and its work covers the whole space it can touch. In the actual work of metal parts stamping, the main function of the 3D manipulator is to carry out the loading, handling and shelving of materials, transporting the materials to the designated location through this method, and change the number of the host machine, 3D manipulator and support base according to the different processing methods of different metal parts. According to the processing conditions of metal parts and the needs of customers, adjust the feeding speed, changing the inherent sequence of metal parts processin and improve the adjustability of the entire production line.


Servo-driven Conveying Device Used In Full-automatic Stamping Production Line

In the process of metal parts machning, once there are many parts to be processed at the same time, it is obviously unable to meet the production needs by installing only one precision press. Therefore, the servo-driven conveying device should be used to transport the metal parts which can’t be pressed in a short time, to the designated location, picking up the materials from the feeding device one by one, sending them to the host machine for processing one by one. It can not only link the pressure borne by the precision press, but also improve the processing speed of metal parts. Until the metal parts are processed, all stamping processes will be completed.

In the stamping production line, whether to use one precision press or multiple precision presses to work in line mainly depends on the processing procedures required for the metal parts to be processed. The servo-driven conveying device enables the flexibility of the whole production line to be adjusted at any time, which realizes the sufficiency in the stamping process of metal parts, improving the quality of processed metal parts, the application range and service life of relevant equipment.

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