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KENENG can design and produce the custom die springs in many sizes and configurations. KENENG is an excellent die spring manufacturer. Our production capacity is excellent. We are capable of producing a variety of materials, lengths, end and pitch configurations, application finishes, and optional certifications.

The die spring manufactured by KENENG has the characteristics of small volume, good elasticity, high rigidity, high precision, beautiful appearance, etc. The quality of the products is good and can meet the needs of customers. At the same time, they have very competitive prices.

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Customized Die Spring

KENENG is not only a standard die spring supplier but also can custom die spring in different sizes and styles.

Non-standard mold spring customization requires customers to coordinate design and production with us. The material, wire diameter, size, and special processing technology of the spring should be selected according to the actual use environment, installation space, and pressure.

When ordering, please inform the drawings or samples for customized processing. If there is no drawing, please send us the specification.

(1) Specifications: wire diameter, OD (outer diameter) or ID (inner diameter), free length, number of coils, and number of effective coils.

(2) Technical requirements:

  • Rotation direction (left hand/right hand), material (alloy steel, spring steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc)
  • Finishing (black oxide, plating (zinc, nickel, tin, gold, silver), phosphating, powder painting & color coding, shot peening, sandblast)
  • Spring force
  • End type (closed, grounded, closed grounded, open)

Die Spring

If you have any needs, please contact KENENG, we will provide you with the best quality service.

Types of Customized Die Spring

The die spring is generally dominated by the metal spiral die spring, widely used in mold, fixtures, industrial clutch, brake components, and various mechanical components.

As a die spring factory in China, we have many years of production experience and complete production equipment and testing equipment. We can wholesale die spring and provide die spring design services. We always adhere to the principle of “quality first”, select qualified materials, adopt advanced equipment, use professional production technology, adhere to a serious, responsible, United, and innovative working attitude, produce high-quality products, and provide humanized services, which has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad. Welcome customers from home and abroad to contact us. We will welcome you with high enthusiasm!


  • spring steel
  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • brass
  • alloy steel


  • * The dimensions are according to customers’ requirements.


  • stamping dies
  • metal die-casting dies
  • plastic molds and other elastic motion precision mechanical equipment
  • automobiles and other fields


  • black oxide
  • plating (zinc, nickel, tin, gold, silver)
  • phosphating
  • powder painting & color coding
  • shot peening
  • sandblast

Materials We Can Custom Die Spring

What is a Die Spring?

The mold spring is the spring used for the mold. It is a commonly used elastic element. It produces large elastic deformation after being subjected to the external force. Die springs are generally distinguished by color, and different colors represent different loads. For specific information, please contact KENENG.

Die Spring VS Compression Spring

Springs are generally divided into three types, namely compression springs, tension springs, and torsion springs, which can be used in molds. Die springs are widely used in various molds such as stamping dies, metal die-casting dies, and plastic dies.

  • The difference between mold springs and compression springs lies in the different manufacturing processes.
  • Die springs are made of square wire, and ordinary compression springs are made of round wire.
  • The strength of the mold spring is much stronger than that of ordinary springs, and its anti-fatigue performance is also better than that of ordinary springs.

The Order Process of Customized Die Springs

the order process of springs

Die Spring Manufacturer

We are die spring supplier, providing high-quality china die casting springs. Including a variety of materials, the typical ones are china stainless steel die springs and carbon steel die springs. As a die spring manufacturer, KENENG has been focusing on mold spring design, research and development, production, manufacturing, and surface treatment for 17 years. With many years of spring design and production experience, KENENG is a reliable manufacturer and supplier with rich experience.

All manufacturing steps of our die springs are carried out under strict quality control, inspection, and testing to ensure the quality of each die spring.

Production equipment for die spring

What Processes Can We Use to Produce Die Spring?

Production Equipment for Die Spring

Application Industries of Die Spring

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FAQ of Die Spring

We are manufacturer and our products are sold at home and abroad.

Yes, we offer both OEM and ODM services for your customized springs.

Yes, we can offer free samples for regular springs and could make samples for custom springs and normally the sample fee could be refundable when placing formal order.


3-7days for samples, 10-15days for mass production normally.

We provide professional service, keep good quality, and competitive prices to ensure our customers’ benefit.

We can customize any colors you like.

We have IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, and 100% inspection to guarantee die springs’ quality.

The shipping way could be shipped by sea, by air, or by express (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, etc.).