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Rivet is a nailed object with a cap at one end that connects the riveted parts by self-deformation or interference in riveting. There are many kinds of rivets, and there are no limits to any form. Rivet products are widely used in manufacturing and construction, such as automobiles, aircraft, construction, machinery, electrical appliances, furniture, and other industries, some special rivets can be matched with clothing, and become a popular factor today.

KENENG is a rivets manufacturer, which has a professional design team, perfect production equipment, super first-class production technology, and a high-quality supervision system. For rivet products, we can provide a selection of types: half-round head rivet, flat head rivet, semi-tubular rivets, solid rivet, countersunk rivet, blind rivet, hollow rivet, etc.

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Custom Rivet

KENENG is a professional custom rivet manufacturer, providing not only standard rivets, but also custom sizes and styles of rivets.

The customization of non-standard rivets requires customers to cooperate with our design and production, and choose the material, type, size and special processing technology of the rivet according to the actual use environment and installation space.

Please inform the following basic information when ordering, so that we can process and customize according to drawings and samples. If there is no drawing, please send us the specification.

  • Specifications: free length, outer diameter or inner diameter.
  • Technical requirements: material (stainless steel, brass, copper, iron, aluminum, etc), surface finishing (dacromet, black oxide, galvanized, nickel plated, gold-plated, chrome-plated, anti-corrosion), end type, etc.
Custom Rivet

If you have any needs, please contact KENENG, we will provide you with the best quality service.

Case Products of Rivets

Types of Customization You Can Choose From


  • brass
  • red copper
  • iron
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum, etc.


  • * Make dimensions according to customer requirements.

Finishing →

  • Zinc plated
  • Galvanized
  • Nickel plated
  • Black Oxide
  • Dacromet
  • Chrome-plated
  • Nylok
  • Whitewashing
  • Phosphate
  • Gold plated
  • Anti-corrosion coating

Applications →

  • manufacturing and construction →
  • automobile →
  • aircraft →
  • construction →
  • machinery →
  • electrical appliances →
  • furniture and other industries
  • * Some special rivets can be matched with clothing.

Materials We Can Use on Rivet

Process for Customizing Products and Services

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Rivet Manufacturer in China:

KENENG has been focusing on rivet design, production, manufacturing and surface treatment for 17 years. KENENG can process and produce all kinds of colored rivets, stainless steel rivets, brass rivets, aluminum rivets, aircraft rivets, round head rivets, flat head rivets, semi-hollow rivets, solid rivets, countersunk head rivets, blind rivets, hollow rivets, etc.

Advantages of KENENG:

1. The company has various specifications of automation equipment, advanced and complete production and testing equipment.

2. Equipped with a complete production team with superb production technology.

3. KENENG adheres to the business philosophy of “responsibility, technology, innovation, quality, integrity, and service”, and continuously improves the company’s strength and industry recognition.

KENENG's factory
KENENG's factory

What Processes Can We Use to Produce Rivet?

Production Equipment for Rivet

Application industries of Rivet

For Example


We can ship by air, sea, or express (EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.). Please confirm with us before placing orders.

Yes. Please feel free to contact us.

A. Of course not. Although different rivet holes have different depths, they all have A reasonable value range. Too deep or too shallow will directly affect product properties. 

B. Blind pursuit of hole depth will affect the riveting effect.

C. Some customers think that if the hole is deeper, the riveting will be tighter. In fact, it is not. If the hole is too deep, the wall thickness inside will be relatively thin, which will affect the tension and stability of the rivet, resulting in a poor riveting effect.

Therefore, if there is no special requirement, we try to control the hole depth of the rivet within a reasonable range, so that the rivet is not only easy to rivet, but also durable!

A. The fact is not so, anything can play its real utility in a reasonable range, rivets are also so, the too thick wall will directly affect the riveting effect of rivets, lead to riveting not open or even deformation, thus affecting the performance of the whole product.

B. General semi-hollow rivet wall thickness of 0.3-0.5mm is more suitable, aluminum rivet because of its soft material, can be appropriately thick. You can contact us for any details.