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The ferrite magnet is a kind of permanent magnet mainly made of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3. Compared with other permanent magnets, ferrite magnets are hard and brittle with low magnetic energy. However, it is not easy to demagnetize and corrode, the production process is simple and the price is low. Due to its low cost, ferrite magnets have a wide range of applications, from motors, speakers to toys and handicrafts, so they are the most widely used permanent magnet materials at present.

KENENG is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of magnetic materials and magnetic components. After years of development, the company has rich R&D and manufacturing experiences in the magnetic material industry and a perfect management supply chain system. Our company can design, process, and manufacture various specifications of cost-effective magnets according to the needs of customers. So we are a professional ceramic magnet manufacturer.

With excellent production levels and manufacturing advantages, our products are widely used in motors, electroacoustic, electrical appliances, toys, leather goods, gifts, hardware, electronics, automobile, wind power, instrumentation, medical equipment, and other industries. And has established a close strategic partnership with leading enterprises in various industries.

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Custom Ferrite/Ceramic Magnet

With rich machining and strong production capacity, KENENG can produce a variety of ferrite magnetic components suitable for customers. The components are of high precision, easy to use, and affordable. The developed radiation ring components for motors have good explosion-proof and consistency, and the performance specifications can be well set by customers. We are a good ferrite magnet supplier or ferrite magnet manufacturer.

Our Ferrite magnets are characterized by low weight loss, high consistency, strong magnetic force, good toughness, good temperature resistance, and high precision. In order to make the products have a longer service life and less magnetic loss, our company also attaches great importance to the surface treatment of the products while ensuring product performance.

If you have any needs, please contact KENENG, we will provide you with the best quality service.

Case Products of Ferrite/Ceramic Magnet

Types of Customization You Can Choose From

The ferrite magnet is a kind of sintered permanent magnetic material, which is composed of barium and strontium ferrite. Ferrite magnets are hard and brittle, and need a special machining process. The opposite magnet must be magnetized along the selected direction because it is oriented along the manufacturing direction, while the same magnet can be magnetized along any direction because it is not oriented, although a slightly strong magnetic induction is often found on the smallest side of the pressure surface. The magnetic energy product ranges from 1.1MEOe to 4.0MGOe.

Ferrite core, is a kind of high-frequency magnetic conductivity material (principle with silicon steel sheet, only used in the high-frequency environment), mainly used for high-frequency transformers (such as switching power supply, line output transformers, etc.), high-frequency magnetic ring (anti-interference) and so on, increase the permeability, improve the inductance quality factor, transformer used inside.


  • Ferrite


  • * As per customers’ requirements.

Service life

  • Service life: Permanent magnet


  • Painted
  • Nickel-plated


  • Household
  • Toys
  • Mechanical transportation
  • Electrical machinery
  • Motor
  • Automobile
  • Electrical machinery equipment
  • Medical and so on

The Order Processes of Ferrite/Ceramic Magnet

the order process of magnet

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Ferrite Magnet Manufacturer in China

We are a popular ferrite magnet manufacturer. Our company has a group of high-quality management personnel and experienced technical personnel and production workers. In order to better adapt to the future development trend and serve customers, the company has introduced advanced automatic production equipment and technology, which are fully equipped. At present, it has a number of front-end equipment such as vacuum melting furnaces, hydrogen cracking furnaces, air flow mills, profilers, sintering furnaces, as well as full-automatic slicers, full-automatic punching machines, special-shaped processing grinders automatic wire cutting machines, magnetizing machine and other subsequent processing equipment. In order to ensure product quality, the company has a magnetic tester, salt spray tester, Gauss meter, and other testing equipment. At present, the automation rate of the company is as high as 80%, which greatly reduces the labor cost, shortens the delivery cycle and better meets the needs of customers.

Magnet production equipment

What Processes Can We Use to Produce Ferrite/Ceramic Magnet?

Application Industries of Ferrite/Ceramic Magnet

For Example:


Ferrite magnet has good corrosion resistance and will not corrosion in water, can resist many alkaline solutions, dilute acid and organic solvents and some hydroxyl chemical erosion, which is very suitable for the saltwater environment (no corrosion problems), can use acid (hydrochloric acid) etching. For most applications, ferrite magnets (ceramic magnets) do not require any coating.

The chemical name of ferrite magnet is ferric oxide, and the main component is Fe3O4. It is already an oxide of iron, so it is very difficult to be oxidized again. Other magnets (mainly composed of iron) are made of magnetized metallic iron or other elements. Like other iron and steel, they can be oxidized and rusted, and the magnetism of the oxidized part disappears.

  • 1. Low cost, low price. Raw materials are cheap.
  • 2. Good temperature stability. It can be used at -40°C and +350°C.
  • 3. Just mentioned that there is no rust.
  • 4. The demagnetization curve is approximately a straight line.
  • 5. Lightweight, density (4.6-5.1) x103kg/m3
  • 6. The anisotropy constants of magnetic crystals are large.
  • 7. High coercivity HC (between Al Ni Co alloy and rare earth cobalt permanent magnet)
  • 8. High resistivity.