Black Square Ferrite Magnet

  • Material: Iron, cobalt, nickel
  • Size: 48*22*10mm
  • Intrinsic coercive force: 260(KA/m)
  • Coercive Force: 248( KA/m)
  • Energy Product: 25.9(KJ/m3
  • Remanence:0.41(T)
  • Working temperature: 200(℃)
  • Curie temperature: 280(℃)
  • Application: applicable to traditional industrial, medical, astronomical, and military fields.

Are You an OEM Manufacturer?


Specifications of Black Square Ferrite Magnet

  • Customized according to customer requirements.

We accept customized services:

1)Dimension requirements (length, width, height, and tolerance, etc )

2) Surface treatment requirements (plating requirements)

3) Processing according to design drawings

4) Requirements for magnetization direction

5) Other requirements

Advantages of our Black Square Ferrite Magnet

  1. Fine selection of iron, cobalt, nickel materials, quality assured, good use effect.
  2. Multiple processing procedures, and strict control of every detail, to ensure product quality.
  3. Complete specifications, customized according to customer requirements

Applications of Black Square Ferrite Magnet

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