Rectangular Rubber Magnetic Sheets

  • Size: 100*80mm
  • Material: Composed of iron powder, chlorinated polyethylene and other additives
  • Maximum Energy Product: 0.60~1.50(KJ/m30)

Are You an OEM Manufacturer?


Specifications of Rectangular Rubber Magnetic Sheets

  • Customized according to customer requirements.

We accept customized services:

  1. Dimension requirements ( length and width and tolerance, etc )
  2. Processing according to design drawings or samples
  3. Materials requirements
  4. Other requirements

Advantages of our Magnetic Sheets

  1. High elasticity. Flexibility, flexibility and bending, through extrusion, calendering, injection, mold molding and other processes can be produced into rolls, sheets, strips, blocks, rings, and various complex shapes.
  2. Selection of quality materials, high-quality products, quality assurance, and long service life.
  3. Complete specifications, customized according to customer requirements.
  4. Widely used. They are mainly used in micro motors, refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, cabinets, toys, stationery, advertising and other industries. 

Applications of Rectangular Rubber Magnetic Sheets

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