Stainless Steel

stainless steel parts

We can produce stainless steel screws, springs, nuts, rivets, channels, CNC parts, metal stamping parts, and other customized products.

The surface treatment we can do anodized in different colors, electroplating, sandblasting, fine carving, drawing, polishing, radium carving, embossing, paint, grinding, and so on.

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Stainless Steel Parts Display

Stainless Steel products we can produce

Advantages of Stainless Steel products

1.Good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and impact resistance is also better. Stainless steel can guarantee the quality of the product itself no matter under which conditions. 

2. The surface has a good metallic luster, smooth and compact, is not easy to dust pollution, and has good self-cleaning. So it can meet the needs of people’s use of products now.

3. It has good heat resistance, high-temperature resistance, and ultra-low temperature or high-temperature physical properties.

Why choose KENENG’s Stainless Steel products

1.Deep cultivation of the industry for 17 years, stainless steel customized strength is guaranteed. Designers’ in-depth interpretation of drawings, combined with product characteristics analysis, using scene design to provide personalized customization, enhance the overall value of the product.

2. Skilled workmanship. With laser cutting machines, bending machines, shearing machines, and much other processing equipment, focusing on refined polishing products, elaborately carved, highlighting quality and luxury.

3. Optimize the material to ensure the quality of the source. Source factory, manufacturers direct supply, price advantage, short production cycle, quality assurance. Strict quality control to ensure a high-quality factory.

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