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The flat spiral spring also known as a clockwork spring is a spring with torque; Under the action of torque, the spring material produces bending elastic deformation, which makes the spring produce torsion in the plane. The deformation angle is proportional to the torque. Flat spiral springs are used in many fields and industries. For example: toy, lock, rice cooker, electric toy; dog leash; safety belt; industrial tool; automobile starter; Automobile balance devices.

KENENG International Trading Co., Ltd is a professional flat spiral spring supplier and trading integrating company, located in Dongguan city in China, has more than 15 years of experience in spring production.

Our company has introduced advanced Taiwan CNC one-time forming equipment, with stable and reliable product quality and an annual production capacity of 20 million pieces. It mainly produces all kinds of precision constant force clockwork springs, constant force clockwork springs, engine starting clockwork springs, scroll clockwork springs, telescopic clockwork springs, etc. It is widely used in toys, machinery, electronic products, medical instruments, and all kinds of winding devices. Our products are all over the world and have a good reputation in the hardware industry.

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Flat Spiral Springs Display

Custom Flat Spiral Spring

KENENG is also a manufacturer of custom flat spiral springs.

When standard flat spiral springs do not meet your needs, perhaps you need a custom product service.

Instructions for custom flat spiral springs:

  • Scroll Thickness: (the thickness of the material)
  • Rotation: (Left/Right)
  • Scroll width: (thickness of material)
  • Material: (the material of the spring)
  • Working length: (large twist angle)
  • Surface treatment: (blackening, painting, galvanizing, electrophoresis….)
  • Inner Diameter: (Core Width)
  • Outer diameter: (distance between outer rings)
  • Elasticity performance: (how much is the elastic force)

If you have any needs, please contact KENENG, we will provide you with the best quality service.

Case Products of Flat Spiral Spring

Types of Customization You Can Choose From


  • Carbon steel (65Mn, 60Si2MnA, 62Si2MnA, SK5, SK7, 55CrSi, etc.)
  • Stainless steel (mainly 301)


  • Thickness: 0.8~2.0mm
  • Length: as per customer’s requirements


  • Black oxide
  • Galvanized


  • Toy
  • Lock
  • Rice cooker
  • Electric toy
  • Dog leash
  • Safety belt
  • Industrial tool
  • Automobile starter
  • Automobile balance devices

Materials We Can Use on Flat Spiral Spring

The Order Process of Flat Spiral Spring

the order process of springs

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Flat Spiral Spring Manufacturer in China

1. KENENG specializes in the design and production of flat spiral springs and uses high-quality spring materials.

2. KENENG has strong technical force, material hardness is controlled within HRC±1°, and various advanced production equipment and testing equipment ensure product development and quality.

3. Quality inspection will be carried out in the whole process from raw materials to production to delivery to ensure the quality of KENENG springs.

What Processes Can We Use to Produce Flat Spiral Spring?

Application Industries Flat Spiral Spring

For Example:

Wire spooler, Cigarette detector, Clockwork toys, Auto dog leash

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  • According to the contact of adjacent rings, it can be divided into two types: non-contact type and contact type.
  • According to the fixing ways: ① hinge type, ② pin type, ③ V-shaped, and ④ lining type.

The fixing method is as follows:

1. Install the spring into the C-type snap ring first (the outer diameter of the C-ring is smaller than the installation space);

2. Install the installed c-buckle and spring into the clock;

3. Take out the C buckle with a clip or small tweezers.

Sampling usually takes about 5~7 days. For large goods, it usually takes 7-15 days according to the quantity.

Yes, you can send us samples and we will produce according to it.