Steel/ Alloy steel

We can produce Steel/ Alloy steel screws, bolts, nuts, washer, rivets, Stamping parts, CNC parts and other customized products.

The surface treatment we can do anodized in different colors, electroplating, sandblasting, fine carving, drawing, polishing, radium carving, embossing, paint, grinding and so on. 

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Steel/ Alloy Steel Parts Display

Steel/ Alloy Steel products we can produce

Advantages of Steel/Alloy steel parts

1. Compared with stainless steel products, carbon steel/alloy steel products have obvious cost advantages. In the case of low requirements for anti-corrosion performance, the choice of carbon steel material will be more cost-effective. In addition, carbon steel/alloy steel bolt has good mechanical properties and is more suitable for products with high strength requirements.

2. Carbon steel/alloy steel screws are more suitable for electroplating. The cost of electroplating is relatively low, and different colors can be electroplated according to customer requirements

3. Carbon steel screws are generally magnetic. For smaller carbon steel screws, generally, when driving into the material, the screwdriver can be sucked up, which is more convenient to install.

Steel/ Alloy steel parts

Why Choose KENENG’S Steel/Alloy Steel Products

  1. Wide range of products to meet your requirement. Our steel/Allay steel product covers various screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, and customized parts. Depending on our strong engineer team and rich production experience, OEM or ODM items are also supported.
Steel/ Alloy steel products

2. Advanced equipment for production and testing can make sure our products meet customer’s requirements. We have new CNC processing equipment, turning-milling compound processing equipment for manufacturing.

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3. Professional service. Rich Experienced R&D department helps us to offer the best solution for your requirement. We expect to establish long-term cooperation with you.

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