As a leading hardware manufacturer in China, KENENG provides a wide range of products including custom screws, bolts, nuts, springs, metal stamp parts, injection molding parts, etc. We are dedicated to giving our manufacturing service to benefit all the world where there is a need for our products. We are specialized in supplying custom products with non-standard and special materials to meet unique industry applications. KENENG fastener parts are widely used in many industries, such as aerospace, automobiles, construction, electronics, oil & gas, and other much more fields.

The following are the industries of the KENENG products applied:

KENENG products are used in the aerospace field

1. Aerospace

Fasteners play a role in fixing two or more component parts in light to heavy equipment, be it in commercial airliners, freighters, or defense fighter planes. Over the years of development in the aerospace industry fasteners have been developed to be lighter by choosing a refined design or lighter superior material.

2. Automotive

We specialize in providing technical support for automotive applications. Our primary products include cold and hot wound suspension springs, engine valve springs, and other related wire-formed products, transmission retaining rings, valve body springs, and custom compression springs.

KENENG products are used in the automotive field

KENENG products are used in the Construction & Engineering field

3.Construction & Engineering

KENENG manufactures components servicing in construction industries are called structural fasteners. These fasteners are important in fixing structural joints for constructing bridges, damns and other giant constructions as well as for building.

4. Electronics

Electronic components and hardware including circuit board support captive screws, swage standoffs, and other more. KENENG provides precision parts for consumer electronics, telecommunications, and more.

KENENG products are used in the Electronics field

KENENG products are used in the Energy, Oil, & Gas field

5. Energy, Oil, & Gas

Fasteners are manufactured using stainless steel, tool alloys, nickel alloys, and exotic metals that will perform well in the high-stress, corrosive environment found in oilfield and mining applications. KENENG custom fasteners can be used in Oil drilling rigs, tanks, and pumping equipment.

6. Marine And Offshore Industry

Marine and allied industrial sectors have a completely different challenge to deal with; Water. With water comes humidity, which rolls a chain of other problems like corrosion, a varying amount of stress cycles, and temperature. Our products will perform well in harsh marine environments without corroding.  Copper alloys are ideal for the marine environment and bronzes perform well in saltwater applications. In addition, stainless steel and aluminum are also popular materials.

KENENG products are used in the Marine And Offshore Industry field

KENENG products are used in the Military field

7. Military

Fasteners are specially designed to withstand the stress of high temperature, high wear, and corrosive environments such as engines, motors, heat exchangers, and other military equipment.  KENENG offers a wide range of diameters, lengths, and thread configurations using the materials of stainless steel, copper alloys, alloy steels, nickel alloys, and exotic alloys.

8. Power Equipment

KENENG components are used in electrical equipment, turbines, motors, exhaust systems, pumping systems, and storage vessels. Nickel alloys, aluminum, steel alloys, and stainless steel are used for their strength, high wear, and anti-corrosive properties. We offer custom brake band springs, extension springs, return springs, and other special springs for power equipment applications.

KENENG products are used in the Power Equipment field

KENENG products are used in the Semiconductor field

9. Semiconductor

KENENG manufacturers standard and custom components for semiconductor, ultra-high vacuum (UHV), and ultra-high purity (UHP) applications. Our components are designed and manufactured to be flexible, translating temperature and pressure into motion while preventing leaks.

10. Transportation

Springs, CNC machined components, and metal stamping parts for mass transportation applications. KENENG designs and manufactures products that reduce weight, improve comfort and performance and increase reliability for train, and railway industries.

KENENG products are used in the Transportation field