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rubber coated magnet

Rubber-coated neodymium magnets have excellent durability and high friction. The rubber coating acts as a protection for the Neodymium Magnet against chipping and exposure to liquids and will keep it from scratching surfaces of cars, trucks, delicate surfaces, etc, makes these magnets ideal for applications such as hanging outdoor signage and mounting cameras or sensors.  

Dongguan KENENG International Trading Co., Ltd is located in the rare earth raw material processing center of China. The company has 15 years of experience in rubber magnets manufacturing. We are a professional and experienced rubber magnets supplier.

KENENG is a professional manufacturer of neodymium strong magnet (circular), NdFeB strong magnet (square), single-sided magnet, rubber magnet, ferrite black magnet, circular strong magnet, square strong magnet, ring strong magnet, countersunk strong magnet, screw hole strong magnet, straight hole strong magnet, strip strong magnet, special-shaped strong magnet, trapezoidal strong magnet, etc., and has a complete and scientific quality management system. KENENG has always been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength, and high product quality.

KENENG has strictly QC from raw materials to output products.

We have MSDS /ROHS/REACH/ISO 9001 certificates.

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Rubber Coated Magnet Display

Custom Rubber Coated Magnet

KENENG can provide custom rubber magnets service. We support customized rubber-coated magnets according to customers’ drawings and applications, such as magnet type, size& specification, rubber coating, coating color, logo printing, etc.

custom rubber coated magnet

If you have any needs, please contact KENENG, we will provide you with the best quality service.

Case Products of Rubber Coated Magnet

Types of customization you can choose from


  • Neodymium with rubber coating


  • * As per customers’ requirements.


  • Great for the camera, light bar, display panel, automatic equipment, tools, and machines.
  • The rubber coating is water-resistant and wear-resistant.
  • In 10 years, the loss of magnetic properties does not exceed 2%. And it can also be used outdoors for a long time.


  • standard exporting packaging
packaging of rubber coated magnets


  • The rubber coating acts as a protection for the Neodymium Magnet against chipping and exposure to liquids and will keep it from scratching surfaces of cars, trucks, delicate surfaces, etc. 


  • Rubber coated

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Rubber Magnet Manufacturer in China

KENENG specializes in the production of various kinds of magnetic materials, strong magnetic NdFeB, hard magnetic ferrite, soft rubber magnetic, strong magnetic magnet, strong magnetic rod magnet, block magnet, bar magnet, disc magnet, fishing magnets products, main materials N33, N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50, N52;  Main shape: round, square, block, arc, trapezoid, etc.  Products can be used for craft gifts, color box packaging, magnetic buttons, magnetic switches, stationery, bags, motor, speakers, electronics, toys, and other products of equipment, and all kinds of iron removal equipment. 

Production equipment for die spring

Production equipment for Rubber Coated Magnet

Packaging and Shipping of Rubber Coated Magnet

Application case of Rubber Coated Magnet

For example:


We have low MOQ and can provide 1 piece for sample inspection.

Yes, we welcome sample orders to test and check the quality of the products. Mixed samples are acceptable.

The samples need 3-5 days, meanwhile, mass production time needs 7-10 days.

Of course, please let us know before the official production, and confirm the logo design according to our samples.

We have 100% test before delivery.