Strong Fishing Pot Magnet

  • Grade: N35
  • Material: rare earth neodymium magnet
  • Finishing: nickel, copper, nickel
  • Size:16mm, 20mm
  • Intrinsic coercive force: 955(KA/m)
  • Coercive Force: 868 ( KA/m)
  • Maximum Energy Product: 280(KJ/m3
  • Remanence:1.2(T)
  • Density: 7.5(g/cm3)
  • Working temperature: 80(℃)
  • Curie temperature: 320(℃)
  • Application: widely used in Sensors, motors, rotors, wind turbines, wind generators, etc.

Are You an OEM Manufacturer?


Specifications of Strong Fishing Pot Magnet

Customized according to customer requirements.

We accept customized services:

  1. Specific requirements for size (about length, width, height, diameter, etc.)
  2. Materials
  3. Magnetization direction requirements
  4. Magnet grade requirements
  5. Surface treatment
  6. Other special requirements

Advantages of our strong fishing pot magnet:

Strong Fishing Pot Magnet

  • Strong magnet, stronger suction.
  • Anti-crash, stable surface, stable performance.
  • Modular design, removable assembly, convenient and fast.

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