Binding Screws

  • Material: Steel  
  • Finish: Electroplate / Electrophoresis
  • Size: M4~M5  
  • Processing: Cold heading

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Specifications of Binding Screws

Female Screw Male Scew
Specifications Head diameter Head thickness Specifications Head diameter Head thickness
M4 9.5 1.2 M3 9.5 1.4
M5 9.5 1.5 M4 9.5 1.4

Advantages of Binding Screws

  1. High-quality material
  2. Complete specifications, a variety of color options 
  3. No fracture, crack, rust, etc 

Applications of Binding Screws

The binding screws are widely used inusical instrument, audio, machinery, electrical appliances, electronics, etc.

Materials we can use on Binding Screws

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