Constant Force Springs

  • Product: Constant Force Springs
  • Material: 301 stainless steel
  • Finishing: heat treatment 
  • Size: 0.23*10*480mm
  • Applications: toy winding; electrical winder; clocks and timers; hose reels, car seat belts, etc.

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Working Principle of Constant Force Springs

The constant force spring is made of stainless steel strip, and the high-strength steel strip is shaped by a specific machine.

It becomes a number of circles with the same diameter and superimposed from the inside to the outside. It must be pulled into a straight line by an external force wen used. And the winder will store elastic force. When the external force disappears, the straightened part can return to the previous circle. shape and generate pulling force to drive the shifted target back to the starting position.

Advantages of Constant Force Springs

a certain elastic force is maintained in all strokes, and the pre-tension stroke is short, that is, only a short stroke can achieve the required elastic force.

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