Custom Disc Spring

  1. Size: 160 OD X 82 ID X 9.4/112 ODX57IDX6MM
  2. Material: 50Crv4
  3. Surface treatment: Oiled

Are You an OEM Manufacturer?


Advantages of Custom Disc Spring

1. High quality steel, selecting high-quality steel with high strength, hardness, and elasticity is suitable for manufacturing high wear resistant parts.

2. Smooth surface, without burrs, cracks, or scars.

As per customer’s sample or drawing

1. Dimensional Requirements 

2. Material ( stainless steel, spring steel, piano steel, etc.) 

3. Surface treatment requirements (Zinc plating, tin plating, chromium plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, black, spray paint, etc)

4. Other requirements

Why Choose KENENG as Your Custom Disc Spring Manufacturer

1. Strict selection of materials is trustworthy, manufactured with strict selection of raw materials. It has stable performance, is not easily corroded, and has a long service life.

2. Strict craftsmanship and quality control, with years of industry experience, scientifically designed product structures to ensure that finished products meet industry standards.

3. A large volume of physical manufacturers is preferred, with factories directly shipping and cutting the middle price, resulting in high cost-effectiveness and directly benefiting consumers.

Materials we can use on Custom Disc Spring

Application Industries of Custom Disc Spring

Disc springs provided by KENENG, are widely used in automotive industry, chemical industry, construction industry, shipbuilding industry, machinery industry.

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