Custom Dual-rate Compression Spring

  • Material: Spring steel 65Mn
  • Finish: Nickle plated
  • Size: W0.9xOD6xL44xN26
  • Application: Machine
  • Manufacture process: By spring machine

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Advantages of Custom Dual-rate Compression Spring

Dual-rate compression spring is a type of spring that can withstand a large amount of bending stress,that the pitch is not equal. Compared with traditional coil springs, they have the following characteristics:

1. High capacity: More elastic materials, giving them higher capacity and greater load-bearing capacity.

2. Excellent mechanical properties: Dual-rate springs can twist, compress, or elongate without affecting their mechanical properties.

3. Stable cycle: Due to the different pitch of dual-rate springs, their cycle is more stable and can better resist fatigue life and deformation.

4. High customization: Due to the fact that the wire diameter and pitch of dual-rate springs can be customized according to specific application needs, thus meeting different technical requirements.

Why Choose KENENG As Your Custom Dual-rate Compression Spring Manufacturer

Our engineers can customize the springs according to the customer’s samples or drawings to produce products that meet the customer’s specific use needs, and can provide you with the best suggestions and solutions.

KENENG can produce springs including: compression springs, torsion springs, volute springs, die springs, wire springs, battery springs, flat spiral springs, and custom springs as you like.

We accept customized services:

Provide us with parameters:

  1. Dimension Requirements (Wire diameter, OD(outer diameter), free length, number of turns)
  2. Material ( steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, spring steel, Mn, etc.) 
  3. Surface treatment requirements (Zinc, tin, chromium, nickel plating, black, spray paint, etc)
  4. Direction of rotation (left, right).
  5. Strength requirements (elastic properties)
  6. End of shape (tight, ground flat, tight ground flat)
  7. Other requirements.

You can also send us the sample or drawing and we will study it.

Applications of Custom Dual-rate Compression Spring

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