Custom Electrical Spring Contact

  • Size: 35.7*9*11mm
  • Material: Phosphor bronze, 0.40mm thickness
  • Finishing: nickel plating
  • Application: Custom electrical spring contacts are usually used for electrical appliances, toys, electronic equipment,  and so on

Are You an OEM Manufacturer?


Customized Electrical Spring Contact

With the sample or drawing provided by our customers, we can study and produce the high quality product with a reasonable price.

Advantages of KENENG Custom Electrical Spring Contact

1. Parts with stamping processing, high production efficiency, convenient operation, and can realize mechanization and automation.

2. Stamping processing can ensure the surface quality of stamping parts. The quality of the processed stamping parts is stable, and the shape and size are exactly the same.

3. The use of stamping can help to save materials and cut down costs.

Materials KENENG can use on Custom Electrical Spring Contact

Application Industries of Custom Electrical Spring Contact

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