Expansion Anchors

  • Size: M4x16mm
  • Material: Anchor kit: PP , Screw: Steel
  • Finishing: Galvanized
  • Applications: Concrete, natural stone, solid brick, porous brick, lime sand brick
  • Packing: Can be fitted with screws, can be mounted separately. Small packet or full bag available.

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Description of Expansion Anchors

Expansion Anchors

  • Screw head: the screw head is flat and smooth, the force is even, and the tightness is good
  • Thread Details: The thread is deep, the force is even and sharp, and it does not slip during rotation

Packaging for Expansion Anchors

Different shapes and colors for your options

Expansion Anchors

How to install expansion anchor bolts/screws?

install expansion anchor bolts/screws
Expansion Anchors

  1. First, drill holes on the anchors and walls. The depth and diameter of the holes should correspond to the size of the engineering products .
  2. Hammer the anchor kit into the wall.
  3. Turn the screw clockwise.
  4. Level with the paving material.

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