Plastic Retainer

  • Material: TPU
  • Shrinkage: 1.008
  • Product size: 27.5X20.5X16 (mm)
  • Finishing: MT-11000
  • Color: White, black, or other custom color.

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Specifications of Plastic Retainer

Specifications of Plastic Retainer

Mould Overview of Plastic Retainer

Tool Life 50W Plastic Material TPU
Mold Type 2 templates Shrink Rate 1.015
Mold Base Supplier Total Cavities 1*4
Lifters per Cavity \ Gate Type Diving
Steel Grade Cavity 136 Gates per Cavity 1
Core 136 Injection/Runner System Cold runner
Slider NO. Cavity 0 Part Weight 1.7g
core 0 Running weight 2.5g
Mold surface
Cavity Texture The post-process processing
core 600# Sandpaper Injection machine(Ton) 86T

  • Plastic mold technology: two templates
  • Channel type: cold channel
  • Molded material: S136

More Product Details of Plastic Retainer

1. Impact resistance, the product can withstand high impact strength, especially low temperature impact strength.

2. Self lubricity, it has the characteristics of low friction coefficient, good self-lubricating performance, and shock absorption.

3. High mechanical strength, selected materials for processing, with good toughness and high mechanical strength, not easily deformed and not prone to powder shedding.

4. Customized on demand, supporting customized drawings and sample processing, with strong production experience from merchants.

Why Choose KENENG As a Trustworthy Manufacturer of Plastic Retainer

1. Selecting materials from the source, reliable quality, strict selection of materials for processing and production, genuine materials, and generous use of raw materials.

2. Strict quality inspection, equipped with complete production, processing and testing equipment, unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory.

3. Experienced and skilled in craftsmanship, more than 20 years of industry experience, focusing on rubber and plastic products, skilled craftsmanship, and trustworthy.

4. Having ISO9001 and IATF16949 certificates, meeting the management standards of the automotive industry.

5. Rich export experience and long-term supply to more than ten Fortune 500 companies.

Q&A of KENENG Injection Molding Service

1. How do you customize plastic accessories?

We support providing samples by PDF files, customization of CAD drawings, 3D formats, and other methods.

2. What are your plastic materials?

We can provide various products made of nylon PPS、POM、ABS、PC+ABS, PC、PP、PET、PBT、TPU、Acrylic. Can be flexibly customized according to customer needs.

3. Can I provide materials for you to process?

Sure, we support incoming material processing. We have multiple precision machining equipment process according to your requirements.

4. What is injection molding?

Injecting plastic raw materials into the mold through an injection molding machine to cool and shape them into an injection molding process.

Materials we can use on Plastic Retainer

Application industries of Plastic Retainer

Plastic retainers provided by KENENG, are widely used in electrical lighting equipment, electrical equipment, appliances and components manufacturing, automotive industry, chemical industry, construction industry, machinery industry.

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