All-Metal Prevailing Torque Type Hexagon Nuts With Single Piece Metal

  • Size: M3~M39
  • Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized
  • Application fields: Widely used in aviation, mining machinery, automobile transport machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, electrical products and so on
  • Types: By the screw deformation position of the nut itself to play the locking function, this kind of common forms are as follows: section three-point type, oval type, and side extrusion type.
  • Standard: DIN 980 (V )

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Specifications Of Hexagon Nuts With Single Piece Metal

Advantages Of Hexagon Nuts With Single Piece Metal

1. High dimensional accuracy, will meet the strict demand of our customers.

3. Features: high precision and wide application.

4. Material: Material can be optional with carbon steel, stainless steel

Why Choose KENENG As Your Hexagon Nuts Manufacturer

1. KENENG has complete lathes, punches and thread rolling machines. Production and testing of parts can be carried out. We have excellent quality inspection capability: we can provide salt spray, film thickness and various inspection reports.

2.We have specialized designers and production personnel and complete production lines.

3.We produce a wide range of products at reasonable prices, and ensure product quality.

Materials We Can Use On Hexagon Nuts

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