Breakaway Shear Security Nuts

  • Product: Breakaway Shear Security Nuts
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Finishing: Plain
  • Size: M6~M12
  • Manufacturing process: Cold heading

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Specification of Breakaway Shear Security Nuts

SpecificationHexagonal Opposite SideHexagonal ThicknessRound Cap DiameterTotal ThicknessPitch

Application of Breakaway Shear Security Nuts

Breakaway Shear Security Nuts are suitable for applications where removal of a fixture is not intended and where prevention of tampering is essential. They are typically used in public areas (schools, hospitals, etc) and within the fencing industry, e.g. for security perimeter fencing, and the automotive industry. Can be used anywhere where a permanent fixing is needed.

Advantage of Breakaway Shear Security Nuts

1, One of the best 1-way security solutions available

2, Breakaway hex nut and cone-shaped permanent nut

3, Suitable for high torque applications

4, Vibration resistant

5, Tightened using a standard spanner or socket

Materials we can use on Breakaway Shear Security Nuts

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