Buffer Volute Spring

  1. Size:  55x150x260mm
  2. Material: 51CrV4/54SiCr6/50CrV4
  3. Manufacturing process: Cold Winding
  4. Surface Treatment: Oil preservation
  5. Application fields: Machine, Vehicle, etc.

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Specifications of Buffer Volute Spring

specifications of volute spring

Name Design. Value Tolerance Unit Additional data
Material thickness b 10 mm Drawing No. 55x150x260
Material width h 120 mm Surface treatment Oil preservation
Spring upper dia. d 55 14-2 mm Product.prescript PF-9
Spring lower dia. D 150 16-8 mm Marking of spring code of producer, date of manufakture
Free height Lo 260 110-5 mm spring type number,order number
Weight (kg)/pc Brutto/netto 12.2 11,0
Operational force F1 5 3,5-6.5 kN Material Grade 51CrV4 DIN 17221,EN 10089
oaded lenght L4 250 mm Dimens. Standard DIN EN 10092-1-B (DIN 4620)
Operational force F2 29 26-36 kN Alternative mat. 1 54SiCr6 EN 10089 (1.7102)
oaded lenght L: 180 mm Alternative mat.2 (50CrV4 DIN 17221)
Operational force F3 50 44-63 kN Number of tested springs 10%
oaded lenght L3 150 mm Control document by EN 10204 3.1
Maximal spring force Fmax (124.5 kN Customer VLAKTIA Vilnius-I.r
Maximal spring height Lmax 140 mm
Stresses for Fmax Tmax (2043 MPa Type marking 41120100x 1673
ear on force F。 (145,3 kN
ear on height La ( 120 mm Number of offer
Stresses for F9 To (2181 MPa
ing. Vymláril
Number of active coils a (3.25
Total number of coils z Note:
irection of winding
Heat treatment HRC

Advantages of Buffer Volute Spring

1. Precision

2. Quality assurance

3. Strong and durable

4. Antiseptic and anti-rust

Why Choose KENENG Buffer Volute Spring

1. Short lead time

2. Good service

3. Competitive price

4. Accepted customized

5. Multiple types.

We accept customized services:

  1. Dimension Requirements (free length 1-**mm, diameter 0.1-6mm ,OD 1.0-150mm,etc)
  2. Material ( stainless steel, spring steel, piano steel, etc.) 
  3.  Surface treatment requirements (Zinc plating, tin plating, chromium plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, black, spray paint, etc)
  4. Requirements for turning Direction
  5. Other requirements

Application industries of Buffer Volute Spring

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