Conical Nuts

  • Size:  M12
  • Material: Carton steel
  • Finishing: Zinc plating / Yellow Zinc plating
  • Application: A conical nut is a special nut used to fix the outer wheel hub of a car.

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Specifications of Conical Nuts

specifications of conical nut

Screw Thread
M12 M12
P Pitch 1.5 1.5
d1 max 15 15
min 14.5 14.5
h Nominal Size(±0.25) 14 14
α ±1° 60° 90°
S max-nominal size(h13) 19 19
min 18.67 18.67
e min 21.1 21.1
per 1000 units≈kg 19.8 20.1
①,Material: Steel,Strength class or material: 8 or 10 according to DIN EN ISO 898-6

Basics of Conical Nuts

Compared with ordinary hexagonal nuts, conical nuts are generally thicker than hexagonal national standard nuts of the same specifications, and they are generally fine-threaded. The thread pitch is roughly 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm. The appearance is the same as that of hexagonal nuts, but there will be a taper at one end of the conical nut

Materials we can use on Conical Nuts

Application industries of Conical Nuts

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