Custom Left-hand Charger Spring

  • Size: 0.4*5.3*11mm
  • Material: phosphor bronze
  • Finish: Gold plated
  • Turn direction: left
  • Manufacturing process: Wound forming–Heat treatment–Surface treatment
  • Application field: Electronic communication, batteries, switches, appliances, gifts, etc

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Specifications of Custom Left-hand Charger Spring

Wire diameter: 0.4mm

Outside diameter: 5.3mm

Inside diameter: 4.5mm

Free length:11mm


Can be customized according to customers’ drawings.

Advantages of Custom Left-hand Charger Spring

  1. Good elasticity, fatigue resistance, uniform pitch, stable force
  2. Smooth surface, no burrs or defection, excellent appearance
  3. Good electrical conductivity
  4. It has good acid and alkali resistance

Materials we can use on Custom Left-hand Charger Spring

Application Industries of Left-hand Charger Spring

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