Double Torsion Spring

  • Material: stainless steel 304
  • Finishing: Plain
  • Size: Wire 0.8mm, OD 7.5mm
  • Application: Machine
  • Manufacture process: By spring machine

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Advantages of Double Torsion Spring

Double torsion springs are two kinds of springs that are wrapped with the same number of turns in opposite directions on the same mandrel by a spring material. The middle of the two springs is the retaining ring, and the two ends are the fulcrum for increasing torque. The torsional stiffness of each spring is equivalent to twice that of one of the two springs when used as a single spring. The stiffness of the double torsion spring is 4 times that of the single spring, and the deformation is 1/4 of that of the single spring. Therefore, the double torsion spring has high efficiency. Compared with a torsional shrink background spring yellow with the same outside diameter, a spring with this structure can obtain twice the deformation, that is, twice the deformation Angle. Therefore, the double torsion spring is suitable for occasions where the space is small and the deformation Angle is large, or where two torques act on the same plane.

Materials we can use on Double Torsion Spring

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