EN AC Charging Gun Double Head Gun

  • Rated voltage: 250V/480V AC
  • Rated current: 16A/20A/32A Max
  • Working temperature: -20°C~+50°C
  • Protection level: lP54
  • Charging mode: 3
  • Connection mode: B

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Safety Performance and Features of EN AC Charging Gun Double Head Gun

It meets the requirements lEC 62196-2

1. The plug is of good-looking small waist integrated design, and its hand-held design conforms to the principle of ergonomics, and is comfortable for holding. More in line with the feel of Western people.

Protection performance is outstanding, and the protection level is as high aslP54

2. Reliable material is used, ensuring it to be flame retardant, environment-friendly, wear-resistant, roll resistant (2T), weather-resistant, impact-resistant, highly oil resistant and UV-resistant.

3. Safety guarantee: Safety is the most important thing when charging electric vehicles. That’s why our charging cables prioritize advanced safety features and certification. Through CE and CB certification, as well as integrated over voltage, over current, and short-circuit protection mechanisms, comprehensive safety protection is provided during the charging process, and efficient and safe charging is provided for electric vehicle owners.

Product Details of EN AC Charging Gun Double Head Gun

1. Flame retardant coating, pure copper wire cores fully utilize transmission efficiency, 100% copper conductor, high resistance insulation, durable PVC packaging material.

2. High strength nylon gun head, strong performance, sturdy and durable.

3. Preferred TPU European Standard Cable, stable charging and less prone to overheating.

Why Choose KENENG as Your Supplier of EN AC Charging Gun Double Head Gun

1. A powerful factory with a capacity of 6000m, an integrated high-quality factory that integrates product design, production, and service. With an independent research and development team, it can be customized according to needs, has inventory in stock, and timely delivery.

2. Advanced equipment for professional production, we have more than professional production equipment, and a high-quality professional team to safeguard high-quality products. We prioritize integrity, quality, and customer first.

3. Professional after-sales service, providing professional and comprehensive after-sales service, striving for customer satisfaction, establishing a good image, and in the spirit of technological excellence, dedicating first-class technology and maintenance services to users.

Applications of EN AC Charging Gun Double Head Gun

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