T-slot Nuts

  • Size: M4~M10
  • Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Finishing: Passivated, Plain

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Functions of T-slot Nuts

T-slot nuts, also known as T nuts, are used to secure workpieces or fixtures to the T-slot bed of a machine tool. The T-shaped design allows them to be inserted into the T-slot and tightened down using a bolt or screw, providing a secure hold for the workpiece or fixture. They are commonly used for milling machines, drill presses, and other types of machine tools.

Specifications of T-slot Nuts

Specifications of T-slot nuts

Nominal Diameter
Pitch A B D H t
M4 0.7 23 12 5.4 6 1.2
M5 0.8 24 12 6.2 7 1.2
M6 1 26 14 7.8 8 1.6
M8 1.25 28 14 9.5 10 1.6
M10 1.5 32 19 12.5 11.5 2

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Application industries of T-slot Nuts

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