Ultra Low Head Hex Socket Screw

  • Size: M1.6~M12
  • Material: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L
  • Standard: GB
  • Manufacture processing: cold forge.

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Specifications of Ultra Low Head Hex Socket Screw

Specifications Head diameter/mm Head thickness/mm Suitable for Hex wrench
M2 3.8mm-4mm 0.8-0.9 1.3mm
M2.5 4.8mm-5mm 0.8-0.9 1.3mm
M3 5.8mm-6mm 0.9-1 1.5mm 2mm
M4 7.8mm-8mm 1.2-1.3 2mm 2.5mm
M5 8.6mm-9.5mm 1.3-1.4 2.5mm 3mm
M6 11.8mm-12mm 1.3-1.4 4mm
M8 15.5mm-16mm 2.4-2.8 5mm

Advantages of Ultra Low Head Hex Socket Screw

  1. Made of high quality raw materials.
  2. Smooth, burr free, easy to use.
  3. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion performance is good.

Applications of Ultra Low Head Hex Socket Screw

Ultra low head hex socket screws are widely used in various fields. They play a key role in different engineering projects through their high strength, stability and reliability. Whether it is automotive manufacturing, aerospace industry, construction engineering or furniture manufacturing, hex bolts are able to meet a variety of needs and ensure the stability of the required structure fixed and safe.

Materials we can use on Ultra Low Head Hex Socket Screw

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