Why Springs Are Necessary For Shock Absorbers

When the suspension is invented, People always want to make the driving more comfortable. Spring is a important part of suspension. The initial suspension had a plate spring structure and there was no independent guide mechanism and damping device. From the perspective of energy, the spring is a energy storage element. It is different from the shock absorber which is a energy absorption element. Shock absorber can absorb the energy of the vibration. The spring deforms during vibration, but stores the energy and it will eventually release the energy.

compression springs

Why Automotive Shock Absorbers Are Required

The role of a car shock absorber is to delay the expansion and compression speed of the spring, while absorbing the vibration. When the spring is deformed, it can quickly stabilize the car, thereby improving the comfort of the driver

If there is no shock absorber, it will not be able to control the rebound of the spring. The car will bounce seriously when it encounters rough roads, when cornering, the spring will vibrate up and down, resulting in the loss of tire grip and tracking. For these situations, The most ideal condition is to use the shock absorber to limit the bounce of the spring.

Effects Of Springs On Automotive Shock Absorbers

Isolation effect
It is especially used for the isolation of higher frequency vibration, although the spring has released the stored energy, but not at once and slowly release, extending the process.

Load transfer
This load transfer refers to the loading on the vertical direction on the wheels. The existence of the spring also slows down the load transfer process. If there is no spring, the process of load transfer will become very direct. Spring makes this process softer, more friendly and easier to control. Spring not only delays the process of load transfer, but also plays a role in the final result of load transfer.

Commonly Used Shock Absorber Springs

The mostly used springs are various, which include spiral spring, steel plate spring, torsion bar spring. So, what are the commonly used shock absorber springs and what are the difference?

torsion springs

Linear spring

The rigidity of the spring is linear. In the working length of the entire spring, the stiffness is an unchanged value.

Progressive spring
The progressive spring is also called “non -linear spring”. As the spring is compressed, parallel circles will occur and the number of spring coils that work will decrease.The stiffness will gradually increase.


On off-road vehicles, the progressive spring is widely used.

When the spring stiffness is too large, it will cause insufficient protection when facing the greater bumps. The suspension itinerary is easily used and compressed to the limit, and then violently impacted the block.

The progressive spring can solve these problems. When the amplitude becomes larger, the stiffness will become larger, avoiding frequent breakdown of the suspension itinerary.

When the amplitude is larger and the limited block must be impact, the gap between the rigidity and the stiffness of the springs and the rigidity of the limits is reduced, making the transition more stable.

Tandem auxiliary spring
In order to improve the stability, the rigidity of the spring is greatly increased, but the extreme itinerary of the suspension has not reduced accordingly. The spring is short to the top and bottom tray, or even loose.

At this time, a secondary spring with low stiffness is connected in series. When the stretching is too much, the secondary spring can make up for the problem of insufficient length of the main spring.

Lowering Spring
The length of the lowering spring is shorter than the original spring and it is also thicker. Installing the short spring can effectively reduce the center of gravity of the body, reducing the incline caused by cornering and make the cornering more stable and smooth, improving the vehicle cornering braking control.


The shock absorber spring is important for comfortable driving. The article briefly introduces something about the use of shock absorbers, the role of spring on shock absorbers and commonly used shock absorber springs, etc.

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