CNC Knurled Pin

  • Size : Φ5*25mm
  • Material: 304 Stainless steel
  • Finishing: Plain
  • Processing type: CNC machining

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Specifications of CNC Knurled Pin

specifications of CNC knurled pin

The Application Fields of CNC Knurled Pin

Mechanical fasteners, industrial fasteners, engineering fasteners and other life and industrial use.

Advantages of CNC Knurled Pin

Knurled pins are available with or without heads, with straight or helical knurling. The knurled pins cut into the body and the movement of the body material into the knurled recesses creates a more frictional contact area between the pins, resulting in higher retention.

Straight knurled pins have less press-in force than helical knurled pins, have resistance within the assembly, but provide limited resistance when axially loaded. So, straight knurled pins are often recommended for transmitting torque, for example as an axle to rotate a wheel.

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