Custom CNC Brass Gold-plated Contact Pin

  • Size: Φ4*27*1mm
  • Material: brass
  • Surface Treatment: gold plating
  • Application: widely used in communication equipment, furniture, electrical parts for automobiles and motorcycles, agricultural parts, etc.

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Manufacturing process of Custom CNC Brass Gold-plated Contact Pin

  1. Editing program (manual or automatic generation) –
  2. Input the program –
  3. Check procedure –
  4. Install blanks and cutting tools – 
  5. Countertool operation – 
  6. Test cut the first piece – 
  7. The sixth step after the workpiece unqualified: program modification or tool compensation – 
  8. Workpiece processing.

Definition of the CNC Turning

CNC Turning uses the lathe to create detailed functional prototypes and end-use parts with cylindrical features. Most of the workpiece with rotating surface can be processed by CNC turning, such as inside and outside cylindrical surface, inside and outside conical surface, end face, groove, thread, rotary forming surface, etc. It removes material from large chunks by rotating the workpiece. CNC turning is great for cylindrical parts processing and is able to produce high quality parts cost effectively.

The Advantages Of CNC Turning

1. High machining precision, short processing cycle, with stable processing quality;

2. Can carry out multi-coordinate linkage, can process the shape of complex parts;

3. Suitable for small batch flexible production requirements of the lathe itself is a flexible machining method, with a wide processing range, easy control of the lathe, fast cutting and clamping advantages, can better meet the requirements of grinding hard car flexible production.

Why Choosing Our Product?

  1. Ke Neng has many years of high precision hardware CNC turning processing experience.
  2. We will use high precision measuring tools and advanced testing equipment to check all parts and processes that are never expected to be final inspected. Koneng ensures that only qualified products are delivered to customers.
  3. Competitive price – We have stable raw material suppliers, can quickly provide customers with competitive quotations.
  4. Engineering support – no matter how many parts the customer needs, we have a professional team of engineers to provide technical support.

Materials we can use on Custom CNC Brass Gold-plated Contact Pin

Application industries of Custom CNC Brass Gold-plated Contact Pin

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