What Are The Commonly Used CNC Lathe Tools

What is a Lathe Tool?

A Lathe tool is a tool with a cutting part for CNC turning. The Lathe tool is used in a variety of lathes and is one of the most widely used tools in CNC milling. The working part of the Lathe tool is the part that generates and treats chips, including the cutting edge, the structure of crushing or rolling chips, the space for discharging or storing chips and the channel of cutting fluid.

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Types of CNC Lathe Tools

1. Turning Tool

A turning tool may be defined as a tool used on a lathe to finish or cut the outside diameter of an object. This is mainly used to generate cylindrical parts.

There are usually two types of turning tools:

1.1 Rough Turning Tool – Rough turning tool is used to remove large amounts of metal in the shortest time. And clear cutting Angle, can bear the maximum cutting force.

1.2 Finishing Tool – Finishing tool is used to remove small amounts of metal. The cutting angles are also polished to produce a very smooth and precise surface.

 2. Boring tool 

Boring is a lathe tool used to enlarge a hole. When you want to enlarge an existing hole, you need to use a boring bar. The boring bar makes it easy to drill and increase the diameter of already drilled holes, allowing rapid reaming to be machined to the right size for proper installation of additional components.

Facing tool 

A face cutter may be defined as a cutter used to cut a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the workpiece. The end cutting tool is carried by a tool holder fixed on the machine bracket. It is used to reduce the length of the workpiece by providing it perpendicular to the axis of the lathe. The cutting edge of the tool shall be set at the same height as the center of the workpiece.

4. Chamfering Tool 

A chamfering tool may be defined as a tool used to design a bevel or groove in a bolt. These tools are used to chamfer the corners of the workpiece. When a large amount of chamfering work is required, a specific chamfering tool with a side cut Angle is required.

 5. Knurling Tool

The knurling tool is the most commonly used tool for knurling processing. Different from other CNC tools, the mission of knurling tool is to create beautiful surface texture, or non-slip surface treatment.

 6. Parting Tool 

Parting tool includes insert tooth circular saw blade, band saw, bow saw, parting tool and saw blade milling cutter and so on. The cutting edge of the front end is the main cutting edge, and the cutting edge on both sides is the auxiliary cutting edge, which is suitable for cutting off high carbon steel, tool steel, and can also be used for cutting off high speed steel.

7. Thread Cutting Tool

Thread cutting tool is also known as carbide thread tool. These tools are used for metal cutting on various materials in machine shops. They come in two types:

7.1. External Thread tool – External thread tool is also called thread tool. They are defined as tools used to process the external threads of a workpiece.

7.2. Internal Thread Tool – Internal thread tool is defined as the tool used to process internal threads in the workpiece.

 8. Grooving Tool 

A grooving tool is basically defined as a tool used to create a narrow cavity of a certain depth on a cone, cylinder, or surface of a part. In this case, according to the edge cutting groove is square, round, etc., to choose the specific shape of the slotting tool.

 9. Forming Tool 

A forming tool can be defined as a tool used to make different types of workpiece shapes. In this case, use a special type of lid or bracket to hold the molding tool in place. From this we carried out a variety of types of operations, such as making the inner radius, outer radius and so on.

How to Select CNC Lathe Tools

Choosing lathe tools requires an understanding of certain factors related to the equipment. The following are very important factors that you must consider when choosing a lathe:

Type of material

The type of material you cut is a fundamental factor in determining the type of lathe tool you can use. Important attributes that you must pay attention to before choosing a turning tool include: hardness, wear resistance, toughness and stiffness. These properties play an important role in the type of lathe tool you can use. For example, very hard materials require carbide tools or diamond tools.

Tool shape

The shape of the lathe tool is another factor to consider when choosing. The position of the cutting edge also determines the cutting direction of the tool (right hand tool, left hand tool and round head tool).

Machined shape

Each type of lathe tool listed under the classification can result in a specified shape. Therefore, you must integrate the desired shape into the desired turning tool. Due to the complexity of most CNC machining products, you may need to choose several combinations of lathe tools.

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