How do Belleville Springs Work & What are Disc Springs Used for?

Disc spring is also called Belleville spring washer because disc spring was invented by the French Belleville. It is in the shape of a conical disc and can be used singly or in series, or in parallel. Disc springs consist of four parameters: outer diameter, inner diameter, thickness, and height.

Disc springs

Features of Belleville Springs:

Disc springs are special springs that are axially tapered and loaded. Disc springs are used as sealing aids and can be used individually or in series or in parallel.

1. After being deformed under load, the Belleville spring will store a certain amount of potential energy.

2. When slack occurs, the disc spring releases some of its potential energy.

3. The stress distribution of the disc spring decreases evenly from the inside to the outside, which can achieve the effect of low stroke and high compensation force.

4. Belleville springs have strong shock absorbing capacity and can withstand large loads with small deformation, which is suitable for occasions with small axial space requirements.

5. Various combinations can be adopted.

  • Superposition combination
  • Inversion combination
  • Compound combination.

Using different combinations of the same disk spring can make the spring characteristics vary in a wide range. It can be used in the combination of inversion and superposition, and can also use the combination of different thicknesses and different numbers of pieces.

6. Disc springs have variable stiffness characteristics. By changing the ratio of the height of the truncated cone in the disc to the thickness of the disc, different spring characteristic curves can be obtained, which can be linear, increasing, decreasing or their combination. In addition, variable stiffness characteristics can also be obtained by combining discs with different thicknesses or stacking discs with different numbers of discs.

7. When some disks in the Belleville spring are damaged, only one of them needs to be replaced, which is very convenient for maintenance and repair.

8. The disc spring is annular, and the force is transmitted concentrically.

What Are Disc Springs Used for?

Belleville springs are widely used because they can be combined at will. Belleville springs are widely used in metallurgy, engineering, electric power, machine tools, construction, and other industries.

Can be used in heavy machinery as a strong buffer and shock absorber.

It can also be used as a pressing device in clutches, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, etc.

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