How to Choose the Right Coin Cell Battery Holder?

Coin cells are available in diameters ranging from 4.8mm to 30mm and thicknesses ranging from 1.0mm to 7.7mm, used as a backup power supply for various electronic products, such as computer motherboards, electronic watches, electronic scales, etc. The function of the coin cell battery holder is mainly to reduce the damage to the battery such as vibration, heat, shock, moisture, and corrosion.

The cell battery holder may fail due to a number of reasons such as vibration, heat, shock, moisture, and corrosion. Design engineers of button cell battery holders are facing increasing challenges in dealing with these issues.

Cr2032 coin cell battery holder

What to consider when choosing a coin cell battery holder?

  • Durability

For products that require frequent battery replacement, the durability of the battery case is very important. If you need to replace the battery frequently, then you need to find out how many cycles this battery case has been tested for.

What is reverse battery polarity protection?

Reversed-Battery Protection refers to a protection function that can protect the switching power supply from damage when the polarity of the input power supply (battery) is reversed.

All battery compartments should have polarity protection so that they are protected if the battery is inserted incorrectly. This is even more important if the battery needs to be replaced frequently.

  • Retention and removal of the coin cell holder

A well-designed coin cell battery holder needs to be resilient enough to resist shock and vibration for easy battery replacement. However, the holding force and disassembly are contradictory. If the holding force is good, it will generally be more difficult to disassemble. If it is easy to disassemble, it is generally difficult to have a good retention force. Therefore, when choosing a coin cell battery holder, you should choose according to your own needs and testing.

Cr2450 coin cell battery holder

Button cell battery holder installation precautions:

1. Non-professionals should not disassemble or disassemble the button battery to avoid danger.

2. Take good care of the button battery to prevent children from swallowing it.

3. Pay attention to the stipulated use period of the button battery, so as not to affect the use efficiency of the battery if it is used over time.

4. Do not mix the new button battery with the old button battery. Do not mix batteries of different brands and varieties, so as not to affect the normal use of the battery.

5. Please recognize the positive and negative signs when installing.

6. Do not stack a large number of button batteries together for a long time.

7. Do not heat, charge or beat the button battery, and do not put the button battery in water, fire, high temperature, humidity, strong acid, strong alkali, or strong oxide environment.

8. The used button battery cannot be discarded at will, or buried at will.

  • Corrosion resistance

Corrosion problems can arise if the battery case is exposed to contaminants such as heat, excessive moisture, aggressive chemicals, etc. This may negatively affect the electrical performance of the battery. To minimize these effects, battery holders made of corrosion-resistant materials should be selected.

  • Some tolerance is required

Batteries of the same type are slightly different in size. For example, according to industry standards, the height of the CR2032 coin cell varies from 3.00 to 3.20mm, and the diameter varies from 19.7 to 20.0mm. Therefore, the coin cell battery holder selected for it needs to be able to adapt to this change.

Cr1220 coin cell battery holder
  • Welding process requirements

The button cell battery holder should be selected according to the welding process. For example, a button cell battery holder to be SMT welded should be made of high-quality LCP plastic, which provides superior dielectric strength at high temperatures. The wave soldering process requires lower strength materials such as PBT/Nylon plastic.

Environmental protection battery holder

Above problems, if you can contact the manufacturer of the battery box, these problems can be easily solved. Professional product designers can easily solve your hesitations and concerns.

KENENG can produce various types of coin cell battery holders. As a manufacturer of battery boxes, we are able to provide you with standard stock products in large quantities. Of course, we also have our own brand of the battery case. If you have any questions, please contact KENENG.

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