Custom Square Machine Screw Nut

  • Product: Square Machine Screw Nut
  • Material : Stainless steel, Carbon steel
  • Finish : Zinc plated, Nickle plated, Blacken
  • Size : M1.6~M10
  • Standard: DIN562, ASME B 18.2.2 

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Specification of Square Machine Screw Nut

Diagonal distance:min456.377.68.910.212.716.520.2
Distance of opposite sidemax=nominal3.2455.5678101316

Advantages of KENENG Custom Square Machine Screw Nut

KENENG has complete lathes, punches and thread rolling machines. Production and testing of parts can be carried out. We have excellent quality inspection capability: we can provide salt spray, film thickness and various inspection reports.

We have specialized designers and production personnel and complete production lines.

We produce a wide range of products at reasonable prices, and ensure product quality.

Materials we can use on Custom Square Machine Screw Nut

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