Strong Display Slatwall Metal Hook / Hanger Hook

  • Product: Metal Hook
  • Material: iron
  • Surface Treatment: chrome plated, powder coated, zinc plated.
  • Size: wire diameter: Ф4.0,Ф4.5,Ф4.8,Ф5.0,Ф6. length: L=50,100,150,200,250,300,350,400

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The Manufacturing Process of Strong Display Slatwall Metal Hook / Hanger Hook

The steel hook is processed and formed by 3D / CNC equipment, the steel plate is formed and processed by precision die, and the steel plate and steel hook are riveted by special riveting machine. Finally, the surface shall be galvanized by hanging plating.

The Advantages Of Strong Display Slatwall Metal Hook / Hanger Hook

Electroplating finishing, not easy to rust.

Movable hooks, and freely adjustable hook spacing.

Rounded edges, not easy to scratch.

Various specifications, strong bearing capacity.

Wide applications including all kind of supermarket, shopping mall, retail stores, show room.

Metal Hook

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Packing Way Of Metal Hooks

Application industries of Metal Hooks

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