Wedge Locking Washer

  • Size: GL3-GL130
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Manufacture process: Cold heading
  • Finish: Plain
  • Standard: DIN25201

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Advantages of Wedge Locking Washer

DIN25201 provides a bolt safety locking system that will not be affected by any vibration or dynamic load. This bolt safety system has a single structure and only consists of a pair of washers with special cam tooth surfaces and pre-assembled.

1. Good safety performance

2. Prevent loosening due to vibration and dynamic load

3. Easy to install and disassemble

4. The locking effect is not affected by lubrication

5. No matter the pre-tightening force is high or low, it has a good locking effect

6. Can control the level of preload

7. Has the same temperature characteristics as standard bolts/nuts

8. Reusable

Materials we can use on Wedge Locking Washer

Application industries of Wedge Locking Washer

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