What is a Torque Test? /Detailed Introduction of Torque Experiment?

The torque test can determine the breaking torque, and it is mainly suitable for bolts and screws that cannot be tested for tensile tests.

Note: Breaking torque is the torque at which the screw is sheared.

What is a Torque Testing Machine?

torsion testing machine

The torsion testing machine is used to measure the mechanical properties of metal or non-metal samples under torsion. This testing machine can apply torque to the sample and measure the magnitude of the torque. It is special equipment for torsion experiments.

There are various types of torsion testing machines, generally consisting of two basic parts: loading and force measurement.

What is the Difference Between Dynamic Torque and Static Torque?

The torque of fasteners is divided into dynamic torque and static torque.

What is Dynamic Torque?

Dynamic torque is the maximum peak value measured during the fastening process of the fastener, the torque displayed in real-time by tools or equipment during the assembly process, and the torque achieved by the bolt overcoming dynamic friction. Both wrenches and power tools can apply dynamic torque, which is measured during tightening.

What is Static Torque?

Static torque is the maximum torque achieved by overcoming static friction by continuing to rotate the fastener in the tightening direction after it has been tightened. Static torque is measured after tightening. The static torque standard is used to monitor the stability of the production process. Generally, the peak torque measured by the pointer manual wrench is the static torque.

Dynamic Torque and Static Torque Measurement Methods

Dynamic torque measurement method: 

The torque measurement method is divided into three categories: balance force method, energy conversion method and transfer method.

1. Measured by an additional sensor between the fastening tool and the fastened part.

2. Measured by the torque sensor attached to the tightening tool itself.

Static Torque Measurement Method:

measuring wrench

Use a force measuring wrench (with dial type, digital display type, etc.). The value obtained by tightening an angle of <5° in the direction of tightening the fastener within 5 minutes after tightening.

This article will introduce the difference between dynamic torque and static torque, and the method of measuring torque. Through this article, you will learn the basics about torque experiments.

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