Why Choose Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws For Fixing?

Whether it is furniture assembly or electrical assembly, it needs the help of screws to make them closely combined. The fixation effect of the hexagon socket head cap screws is good, and the applications is relatively wide. So what are the functions and advantages of hexagon socket head cap screws? Firstly, let’s learn what it is?


Introduction and Function of Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws

The outer edge of the screw head is a circular concave hexagon shape, which is called a hexagon socket head cap screw, hex socket head screw or a hexagon socket head bolt. This structural has obvious advantages. The material of the socket head cap bolt is generally made of stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel. The higher the performance level, the greater the strength. A special wrench is required to fix and remove such screws. The most most significant effect of this screws is fixing and the hexagonal socket screws are mainly used for mechanical fixation. The hexagonal wrench is generally a 90 degree curved ruler. The curved end is long while the other side is short. When you use the short side to make screws, holding the long side can save a lot of force and tighten the screws well. At the same time, it can also avoid the risk of thread slipping due to the use of incorrectly marked screwdrivers.

In addition to the wide use of hexagonal socket screws in the machinery manufacturing industry, because of the good fixation effect of hexagonal socket screws, it also often applied in the fixing of hardware components, electrical products and furniture.


Manufacturing Requirements for Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws

1. High quality raw materials shall be used for production and manufacturing according to different applications of customers and the classification of electroplating should be classified clearly.
2. The screw manufacturer should ensure the size and specification of hexagonal socket screws, so as to meet the requirements of customers in different areas

Anti-corrosion of Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws

The metal materials will be subject to certain corrosivity in the use, so the anti-corrosion methods should be taken for hexagon socket head cap screws to make them more solid and beautiful. Although the socket head cap screws are used to fix the machinery, some oil contamination should be avoided. The dry environment can make the hex socket head cap screws more durable. Also, some corrosive liquids should be kept away from the area where the screws are located to avoid air erosion.


Advantages of Socket Head Cap Screws

1. Large Load Bearing
It has six force bearing surfaces, which are more capable of being screwed than slotted screws and cross screws, both of which only have two surfaces. For screws with large stress, hexagonal socket screws should be selected.
2. Countersunk Treatment
The whole nut is sunk to the inside of the workpiece, which can keep the flatness and beauty of the workpiece surface.
3. Convenient Installation
Compared with the outer hex socket head screw, the inner hexagon is suitable for more assembly occasions, especially narrow occasions. Therefore, it is very convenient for assembly and maintenance, as well as debugging.
4. Not Easy to Disassemble
A special wrench must be used to remove the hex socket bolt, so it is not easy for ordinary removing, which is also a benefit.


The hexagonal socket head cap screws are more and more widely used in various industries because of their strong fixing effect. The definition, functions, applications and advantages summarized in this article can help you to select the appropriate hex socket head screws according to different application requirements.

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