Differences Among Three Processes of Sand Blasting, Shot Peening and Shot Blasting

The three surface treatments sandblasting, shot peening and shot blasting can be confused. Some people ask that shot blasting is not shot peening, and others say that it is sandblasting. In fact, these are three manufacturing processes. Let’s compare them below.

Differences between sand blasting and shot peening

Sand-blasting is a surface treatment process that uses compressed air as power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray sand to the surface of the parts to be treated at a high speed. Like sand-blasting, shot peening also uses compressed air as the power to spray shot particles onto the surface of the parts to clean or strengthen the surface of the parts.

The medium used for sand blasting is sand particles with edges and corners, such as brown corundum, white corundum, iron sand, etc; The medium used for shot peening is round particles without edges and corners, such as steel shot, iron shot, glass shot and ceramic shot.

Sand-blasting uses irregular sand particles to impact the surface of the parts, which plays a role in cleaning and increasing roughness, so that the metal parts can obtain better mechanical properties and make the coating more solid. Shot peening relies on the strong impact force of the shot particles to make the surface of the parts more compact, so that the parts can be more wear-resistant, ductile and corrosion-resistant.

Sand blasting does not require high equipment, and the speed of sand-blasting is not fast, but the processing speed of the parts is faster; Shot peening requires the use of more advanced equipment, so processing is slower and often more expensive.

Ultrasonic Shot Peening Equipment

Differences between shot peening and shot blasting

Shot blasting is a process that uses a high-speed rotating impeller to shot shot particles at a high speed and hit them on the surface of the parts to clean or strengthen the surface of the parts. The materials used for shot blasting include steel shot, aluminum shot, glass bead and ceramic shot. Although the shot peening and shot blasting process have different spraying power and methods, they are both aimed at high-speed impact on the parts, and their effects are basically the same. In comparison, shot peening is relatively fine, and it is easy to control the accuracy, but the efficiency is not as high as shot blasting, which is suitable for small parts with complex shapes; Shot blasting is economical and practical. It is easy to control the efficiency and cost. It can control the number of shot to control the blasting effect, but there will be dead corners. It is suitable for batch processing of large flat single parts.


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