What is the Difference Between CNC Machining and Stamping?

Stamping processing and CNC numerical control processing are both commonly used processing methods in metal processing. KENENG can provide you with CNC machining, stamping, and injection molding services. This article will explain the difference between CNC machining and stamping, and how to distinguish CNC machining parts from stamping parts.

First Understand the Definition Difference Between CNC Machining and Stamping:

What is stamping processing?

Stamping processing is a manufacturing technology that uses the power of stamping equipment to directly subject the sheet to deformation force and deform in the mold, thereby obtaining parts with a certain shape, size and performance.

What is CNC machining?

CNC machining refers to the manufacturing technology of parts with certain sizes, shapes, and performances through programming control through CNC machining language, and controlling the feed speed of the tool, the spindle speed, tool change, etc. Including turning, milling, planing, grinding, and other mechanical cutting processes.

What Are the Differences Between CNC Machining and Stamping?

1. The difference in production speed

CNC machining is slower to produce than stamping. Stamping should be chosen when speed is considered as the most critical factor.

2. The difference in output

Stamping is suitable for high-volume production, while CNC machining is relatively low-volume.

3. The difference in cost

Although CNC machining has high precision, it is expensive, while stamping is relatively cheap.

4. Differences in production accuracy

Stamping is difficult to achieve complex designs. In contrast, CNC numerical control machining has higher precision and can more easily realize complex designs.

5. Differences in processing characteristics

The characteristics of CNC machining:

1. Strong adaptability

When a new workpiece is processed on the CNC machine tool, it only needs to reprogram the processing program to realize the processing of the new workpiece.

2. High processing precision

CNC machine tools are processed according to digital instructions. At present, the pulse equivalent of CNC machine tools generally reaches 0.001mm.

3. Low labor intensity

The work of CNC equipment is automatically and continuously completed according to the pre-programmed program. In addition to key operations such as inputting processing programs, operating the keyboard, and removing makeup workpieces, the staff does not need to perform tedious and repetitive manual operations.

4. Good economic benefits

The machining accuracy of CNC machine tools is stable, the scrap rate is low, and good economic benefits can be obtained.

The characteristics of stamping processing:

1. The production efficiency of stamping processing is high

The number of strokes of ordinary presses can reach dozens of times per minute, and high-speed pressure can reach hundreds or even more than a thousand times per minute, and one stamping part may be obtained for each stamping stroke.

2. Stamping quality is stable

The mold ensures the size and shapes accuracy of the stamping parts, and the life of the mold is generally longer. Therefore, the quality and stability of stamping are good.

3. Stamping parts have high strength and rigidity.

4. Less material consumption for stamping

Stamping generally does not generate chips and scraps and is a material-saving and energy-saving processing method.

What is the Difference Between CNC Machining Parts and Stamping Parts?

Stamping parts
  • Stamping parts: There are burrs at the notch, which are not very smooth and flat. If you touch it with your hands, you may cut your hands.
  • CNC machining parts: The surface of CNC machining parts is smooth and flat.
Cnc machining parts

This article introduces the difference between stamping and CNC machining and the difference between their processed products. KENENG focuses on the sales and production of stamping dies and parts, CNC numerical control processing products. The products are cost-effective and high-quality. And we have fast delivery and considerate service. We have developed good cooperative relations with many customers. Welcome customers from home and abroad to contact us.

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