Why is Lubricant Used in Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is the use of punches and molds to deform or break stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and other plates and heterogeneous materials into parts with a certain shape and size. Metal stamping is widely used in the automobile industry, household appliances industry, daily necessities industry, etc.

In the production process of stamping parts, lubricating oil needs to be used frequently. Before processing stamping parts, it is also necessary to lubricate the stamping die and stamping material. So why use lubricating oil, and how to choose and use lubricating oil will be introduced in the following articles.

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Why do you need to use lubricating oil in metal stamping?

1. Before the stamping parts are processed, the function of lubricating the stamping part mold and the stamping part material is to reduce the energy consumption when the metal is deformed. Through the use of lubricating oil, the direct contact between the mold and the deformed metal can be reduced or eliminated, so that the relative sliding and shearing process between the contact surfaces is carried out inside the lubricating layer, thereby reducing friction and deformation power consumption.

For the mold: It can reduce the friction coefficient between the stamping material and the mold, improve the working conditions of the mold, protect the surface of the mold, and increase the service life of the mold.

For metal stamping parts: External friction can easily lead to defects such as bonding, pressing, and scratches on the surface of the product. Adopting an effective lubrication method and using the anti-friction and anti-sticking effect of the lubricant can reduce the scratches on the surface of the workpiece and improve the quality of the surface of the stamping part.

2. The role of lubricants in the process of metal stamping and deep drawing is:

It can reduce the friction between the concave and convex die and the surface of the metal stamping part during processing.

3. During the stamping process of the workpiece, the temperature will change. The use of lubricating oil can form a protective film on the surface of the stamping parts, thereby avoiding adverse consequences such as damage to the stamping parts and stamping dies caused by temperature changes.

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What are the requirements for the use of lubricating oil in metal stamping?

1. Has a good heat dissipation effect.

2. Has good rust resistance.

3. Has good lubricity.

4. It is required that the lubricating oil does not corrode, does not produce toxic gas and is easy to clean in the welding part.

How should lubricating oil be used in metal stamping?

1. Lubricated tools and lubricating oil containers need to be cleaned regularly to keep them clean and tidy.

2. When applying lubricating oil, it is necessary to use other special tools such as rollers or brushes to apply it evenly.

3. Use lubricating oil in moderation to avoid waste caused by excessive consumption.

The production of different metal stamping parts requires different metal stamping processing procedures. The production and process designers of metal stamping parts manufacturers need to fully consider all aspects of details in the design and production process in order to ensure the normal operation of the metal stamping factory. Therefore, the method of using lubricating oil in different metal stamping parts may be different, and it should be designed and used according to the actual product and production process.

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The reason and method of using lubricating oil in metal stamping are introduced above, as well as the performance requirements for lubricating oil. In addition to the stamping and manufacturing of basic hardware (fasteners, springs, etc.), our company can also directly customize according to the drawings you provide. You only need to put forward your requirements or production drawings, and KENENG engineers will provide the best solution for your product production(CNC machining, metal stamping, injection molding…). We provide a variety of materials and processes, and we can find the most suitable part manufacturing solution for you in KENENG. We welcome customers to make inquiries to us at any time.

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