Shear Nuts

  • Size: M6-M12
  • Material: SS304, Carbon steel
  • Surface treatment: Zinc-plated

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What are Shear Nuts

The principle of shear nuts mainly involves a design in which the nut body is semicircular and has a threaded hole drilled inside. The cross-section adopts a thin-walled arc cross-section set according to the torque at the connection between the nut head and the nut body. This design ensures that when the torque is applied, the tensile stress in the material reaches the design value, and the corresponding shear strength of the material is just enough to twist off the weak section. The shear nuts are safe and beautiful, and the hole on the nut head is larger than the threaded hole, which is convenient for twisting off without damaging the thread.

In addition, the application of the shear nuts also includes anti-theft nuts, in which the installation nut body is hollow and has a colorful structure on the outside, while the anti-theft working nut body has an external truncated cone structure, which has the characteristics of good anti-theft effect and easy installation, and is suitable for field facilities such as power systems, communication systems, and highways.

Specifications of Shear Nuts

Specifications Hexagonal opposite side Hexagonal thickness Round cap diameter Total Thickness Pitch
M6 9.76-10 3.7-4 9.76-10 9.8-10 1
M8 12.75-13 4.4-4.6 12.75-13 11.8-12 1.25
M10 16.7-17 6.1-6.3 16.7-17 15.2-15.5 1.5
M12 18.6-19 18.6-19 1.75

Why Choose KENENG as a Trustworthy Manufacturer of Shear Nuts

1. KENENG has rich experience in multi-station cold heading and production equipment, ensuring quality and quantity.

2. We will use high-precision measuring tools and advanced testing equipment to inspect all parts and processes, from incoming materials to final inspection. KENENG ensures that only qualified products are delivered to customers.

3. Competitive pricing: We have stable raw material suppliers who can quickly provide customers with competitive quotes.

4. Engineering support: No matter how many parts customers require, we have a professional team of engineers to provide technical support.

We accept customized services:

1. Provide us with parameters

1) Dimension requirements: diameter, length.

2) Surface treatment requirements (zinc plating, tin plating, nickel plating, etc.)

3) Other requirements.

2. You can also send us the sample or drawing and we will study it.

Materials we can use on Shear Nuts

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