What is Precision Metal Stamping?

The Stamping process is a common part manufacturing process, and metal stamping parts manufactured by stamping are also widely used in various industries. So What is precision metal stamping? What are the characteristics and advantages? In fact, there are certain differences between ordinary metal stamping and precision metal stamping.

Metal stamping machine

What is ordinary metal stamping?

The thickness of the substrate of ordinary stamping is relatively thick, no cutting, stretching or other processes are required, and the requirements for the precision of stamping parts are not high.

What is precision metal stamping?

Precision stamping needs to consider the matching of appropriate precision punching machines, materials, molds, lubricating oil, and other technologies, and has high requirements for the precision of stamping parts.

Applications of precision metal stamping:

Automotive, Aerospace: The automotive and aerospace industries typically utilize precision metal stamping to manufacture parts that need to meet stringent standards.

Electronics industry: Complex precision components in the electronics industry include sockets, circuit breakers, and fuse boxes.

Medical: Precision metal stamping can produce parts including temperature probes, surgical equipment, etc.

Renewable Energy: Applications for precision metal stampings include solar panel wiring and more.

Special Parts: Includes some complex or highly specialized items.

How to choose ordinary metal stamping and precision metal stamping?

  • If you require high precision stamping parts and a large amount of stamping parts, you can choose to use precision stamping.
  • If the precision of stamping parts is not high, you can choose ordinary metal stamping.

What are the characteristics of precision metal stamping?

1. It has extremely strict tolerance requirements and has an extremely high level of precision.

2. Precision metal stamping has strong flexibility and adaptability, which is especially conducive to mass production.

3. It is suitable for making complex and tiny parts, and is suitable for the production of parts in the aerospace field.

4. Prior to precision metal stamping operations, the stamping process is often simulated in the form of computer modeling to check for errors or defects. After testing is complete, the computer sends the valid design process directly to the machine, reducing the chance of error.

5. The quality of the mold is good. It has excellent wear resistance, ductility, fatigue resistance, and high temperature resistance.

6.Select high-precision plastic machines, high-precision forming raw materials and high-precision forming processes.

Precision Metal Clips by Metal Stampin

Requirements for precision metal stamping dies:

1. High strength and good wear resistance.

2. Strong ductility

In order to avoid brittle fracture of the mold during the working process, the high-precision metal mold should have high hardness and ductility.

3. Good high temperature resistance

When the working temperature of the mold is high, the strength and hardness will be reduced, resulting in damage and plastic deformation of the mold shell. High-precision hardware mold steel should have good high temperature resistance to ensure that the mold shell has high strength and compressive strength at high temperatures.

4. Anti-fatigue properties

During the working process, the mold is prone to fatigue and rupture under the long-term cyclic pressure. Therefore, high-precision metal stamping molds should have good fatigue resistance.

Precision Connector by Metal Stamping


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