4 Precious Tips For NdFeB Magnets

NdFeB is the magnet with the highest commercial performance found so far, and is known as the magnet king. NdFeB magnets have extremely high magnetic properties, and the maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax) is more than 10 times higher than that of ferrite. The machinability of NdFeB magnets is also very good. Its operating temperature can reach up to 200 degrees Celsius. NdFeB is hard in texture, stable in performance and cost-effective, so it is widely used. However, the chemical activity of NdFeB is very strong, so it needs to be surface treated.

NdFeB Magnets

What are the Characteristics of NdFeB Magnets?

1. NdFeB permanent magnet material is a permanent magnet material based on intermetallic compound Nd2Fe14B.

2. NdFeB has extremely high magnetic energy product and coercive force, and has high energy density.

3. NdFeB magnet materials have been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology. Miniaturization, weight reduction and thinning of instruments, electroacoustic motors, magnetization and other equipment.

How to Choose the Suitable NdFeB Magnet for You?

1. Considering the working temperature

Customers should choose their own magnet grades according to their working temperature when choosing NdFeB magnets. If the working temperature is higher than the withstand temperature of the magnet grade, the magnet will slowly demagnetize until there is no magnetism.

From the aspect of working temperature: the corresponding temperature selection corresponds to different grades. Select N file within 80 degrees, M file within 100 degrees, H file within 120 degrees, SH file within 150 degrees, UH file within 180 degrees, and EH file within 200 degrees.

Before purchasing a magnet, be sure to confirm your operating temperature and magnet grade.

grademaximum operating temperatureBr(T)Br(kGs)bHc(kA/m)bHc(kOe)iHc(kA/m)iHc(koe)(BH)max(KJ/m)(BH)max(MGOe)

2. Consider the usage environment

If the magnet device used is in a sealed state, you can consider choosing a magnet without white zinc plating on the surface, which can save costs.

If the magnet is exposed to humid air, especially in the state of salt spray, it is recommended to consider the magnet with nickel plating on the surface.

Note: NdFeB magnets should be stored in a dry, constant temperature environment. Separate and wrap with plastic, wood chips, cardboard, foam, etc. Keep away from iron and easily magnetized items, such as monitors, bank cards, computers, TVs, mobile phones, etc.

Zinc-plated magnets and nickel-plated magnets

How Should the NdFeB Magnets be Separated?

When the NdFeB magnets are attracted to each other and cannot be separated, it is recommended to push them horizontally and stagger them, and not pull them hard.

The specific steps are as follows: fix the whole magnet with the left hand, and use the index finger and thumb of the right hand to move out the magnet horizontally.

Note: Do not throw the removed magnet back into the magnet stack immediately after removing it, please isolate the magnet immediately. Handle with care, and keep away from iron or magnetic objects (about 16 cm) or wrap the removed magnet with paper, so as to be safer.

If you want to put the separate NdFeB magnet back inside the whole magnet, put it back slowly. Need to get up close and move in from the edge of the magnet. The hand needs to hold the magnet until it is fully moved in.

How to separate magnets

How to Handle and Store NdFeB Magnets?

NdFeB strong magnetic materials are hard, brittle, and have strong magnetic fields, so they should be handled with care (especially large sizes and thin sheets). NdFeB is a multi-metal alloy material with a density of about 7.45, which is heavy and brittle. So be careful when handling it to avoid magnetic shattering.

When the strong NdFeB magnet attracts or separates from the strong magnet itself or other iron objects, be careful not to impact. Otherwise, it is easy to collide and damage the magnet or injure the operator.

The environment during storage should be kept dry. Do not place the magnet directly on the ground, instead, place thick cardboard on the floor or place the magnet on a shelf.

storage of magnets

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