Compression Springs – Wholesale & Custom

Compression springs refer to coil springs that bear axial pressure. The material used for it is mostly circular in cross-section but also rolled with rectangular and multi-strand steel. The spring is generally of equal pitch. The shapes of compression springs include cylindrical, conical, convex and concave, and non-circular. There will be a certain gap between the coils of the compression spring. When it is subjected to the external load, the spring shrinks and deforms, storing deformation energy.

KENENG can custom compression springs according to drawings or samples, and we can also wholesale large quantities of compression springs.

Advantages of compression springs manufactured by KENENG

The compression springs produced by KENENG has high strength, good plasticity and toughness, excellent surface state, strict size and accuracy, sufficient elasticity, high fatigue strength, can withstand long-term alternating load, and also has corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, constant elasticity, non-magnetic and good conductivity.

KENENG’s engineers can customize springs according to customers’ samples or drawings to produce products that meet customers’ specific use needs. If you don’t know which specification or material is more suitable for your application, our engineers can give you the best suggestions and solutions.