Custom Metal Stamping Parts

Metal stamping is a cold-forming process that utilizes dies and stamping presses to transform sheet metal into different shapes. A flat sheet metal (often referred to as a blank) is fed into stamping presses, which use specialized tools and dies to form the sheet metal into a new shape. Manufacturers offering stamping services place the material to be stamped between die sections, using pressure to shape and cut the material into the final shape required for the product or component.

KENENG can custom metal stamping parts according to drawings or samples.

Advantages of KENENG Metal Stamping Parts

  1. Customized service

Our technicians are able to design products and molds according to customers’ samples or drawings.

  1. Rich experience

17 years export experience, have served for more than 180 countries and regions customers,we can better understand and provide perfect solution for customers.

  1. High-quality products

KENENG verfied by IATF 16949, ISO 9001-2015, Dun & Bradstreet, and owned Patents. In accordance with AQL065 standard inspection,product yield rate up to 99.83%.

4. Various process types

KENENG can provide various processes such as washing, grinding, drilling, slow wire walking, computer gong, spark machine, and so on.