How Much Iron Can a Magnet Draw And What Affects Magnetic Attraction

Customers often ask, how much iron can a magnet of a certain specification draw and what affects the attraction? This question is difficult to answer, and it is also related to your specific use. Now we have collated some measured attraction data of NdFeB strong magnet specifications for your reference.

1. Mini Small Size Powerful Magnet

Mini small size powerful magnet
  • The vertical attraction of a 3mm cube (F3 * 3 * 3) can directly suck up a 110g stapler.
  • It is measured that a D3 * 1.5MM magnet can attract a AA battery.
  • It is measured that one F4 * 4 * 3 neodymium magnet can attract a 440g hammer vertically, and the surface magnetism is about 3750gs.
  • It is measured that a 5mm iron boron sensitive magnet can vertically lift a 440g hammer with a surface magnetism of about 4260gs.
  • The actual measurement shows that a powerful small magnetic disc F5 * 3 * 1.5mm (0.17g) can attract a 400g hammer, more than 1000 times its own weight.
  • The measured magnetic field of D10 * 2 disk magnet is about 2040gs, which can vertically attract about 600g of iron block, and the side suspension attract about 150g, and the mutual drive of mutual attraction can be realized at an interval of 5mm.

2. Medium Size Strong Magnet

  • The measured F20 * 9 * 4.5MM magnet vertically attract 1.8kg iron block.
  • The two magnets of D15 * 5 can be attracted at intervals of thumbs, pens and 23mm thick boards.
  • The actually measured two magnets of D20 * 5 can be attracted to each other by a 21mm wood plate, and 188g tape can be attracted to the side.
  • The two magnets with the measured size of F30 * 20 * 5MM can be attracted by four 13mm boards.
Medium size strong magnet

3. Large Magnet

  • F50 * 50 * 5 strong magnet, the center point surface magnet is about 1010gs, and the measured distance between two F50 * 50 * 5 magnets is 40mm.
  • The surface of F50 * 10 * 5 is Gauss for about 2790s, and the theoretical attraction is 6.5kg. The measured two pieces of F50 * 10 * 5 magnets can attract through 20mm cardboard and vertically attract 1kg weighing bowl.

What Affects the Magnetic Attraction ? or What Are the Influencing Factors?

1. Type (shape) and brand of magnet.

2. Pole area of the magnet.

3. Operating temperature range of magnet.

4. Air gap between magnet and test steel plate. According to the finite element analysis results, the suction of the permanent magnet decreases with the increase of the gas yard, and even a small air gap will have a huge impact on the suction.

5. Test the steel plate. The test steel plate shall be made of low carbon steel with high magnetic permeability and sufficient thickness to avoid magnetic saturation. In addition, the flatness and roughness of the steel plate are easily ignored as the source of the air gap.

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