Magnets – Wholesale & Custom

Magnet is defined as an object which is capable of producing a magnetic field and attracting unlike poles and repelling like poles.

There are many types of magnets, which are generally divided into two categories: hard (permanent) magnets (magnetic retention for a long or permanent time) and soft magnets (magnetic for a short period of time). The magnets we call generally refer to permanent magnets.

KENENG can custom magnets according to drawings or samples, and we can also wholesale large quantities of magnets.

KENENG has professional magnet production equipment and testing equipment. We are able to skillfully produce rubidium magnets, SmCo magnets, ferrite magnets, AlNiCo magnets, flexible magnets, etc. Not only are there many kinds of materials to choose from, we can also produce various shapes, such as annular, cylindrical, spherical, and so on.

If you have samples or drawings, KENENG’s magnet factory can also customize magnets according to them.